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Congratulations to the winners of The Relentless Award's Picket Plays!

We're so excited to present the winning ten-minute plays, available to read below.*

A Ride in the Car in the Morning by Hannah Globus
fire ants by Lily Houghton and Sofya Levitsky-Weitz
Love Your Work by Eric Pfeffinger
Me. by Jill Twiss
The Scorpion Dance by Jon Haller
WILDCAT by Kristen Adele Calhoun
(Not available at this time) 

*Playwrights of the Picket Plays retain sole copyright for their work. Scripts may not be reproduced, distributed, or performed without permission of the authors.


If you are interested in obtaining the rights to disseminate or perform these texts, please contact, and we will connect you with the authors and/or their representatives. Any unauthorized use of these scripts is illegal. Thanks for reading!

See the list of all honorees, including finalists, semifinalists, and honorable mentions, here.

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