Winners of The Relentless Award:
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2019 Relentless Award Winner

Nightwatch by Max Yu

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2019 Finalists
  • This Exquisite Corpse by Mia Chung

  • Wet Brain by John J Caswell, Jr.

2019 Semifinalists
  • Free & Proud by Charles Gershman

  • Incendiary by Dave Harris

  • The Leopard Play, or sad songs for lost boys by Isaac Gómez

  • Pound by Sam Silbiger

  • Society by Skylar Fox & Simon Henriques

  • Where the Lovelight Gleams by Kyle J McCloskey

2019 Honorable Mentions
  • angel’s share by Dominic Finocchiaro

  • Badlands by Nora Leahy

  • Everything Beautiful Happens at Night by Ted Malawer

  • Lawnpeople by Natalie Temesgen

  • Little Bird by Nicole Oglesby

  • Long by Charlie Oh

  • Model Citizens by Michael Chadwick

  • Pidor and the Wolf by Sam Max

  • They Could Give No Name by Exal Iraheta

  • Your Own Personal Exegesis by Julia Jonas


2017 Relentless Award Winner

Pussy Sludge by Gracie Gardner

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2017 Finalists
  • Hamlet by Mia Fefferman by Mara Nelson-Greenberg

  • One More Less by Kate Cortesi

  • There's Always the Hudson by Paola Lázaro

2017 Semifinalists
  • Before Evening Comes by Philana Omorotionmwan

  • The Mermaids' Parade by Gina Femia

  • Sanctuary City by Martyna Majok

  • Wink by Jen Silverman

2017 Honorable Mentions
  • Another Jungle by Kristin Idaszak

  • Backwater Rising by Lizzie Vieh

  • Bondage by Star Finch

  • (end of message) by Laura Jacqmin

  • Home Church Play by Jacob Perkins

  • Masculinity Max by MJ Kaufman

  • Sarah's Salt. by Jillian Walker

  • they don't really care about us by Aurin Squire

  • USUAL GIRLS by Ming Peiffer

  • Wendy and the Neckbeards by Kari Bentley-Quinn

  • ZAMBONI by Sean-Patrick O'Brien


2016 Relentless Award Winners

  • Dance Nation by Clare Barron

  • The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe

After being deadlocked our judges enthusiastically embraced the idea of these two wildly talented writers sharing the award.

2015 Finalists
  • #‎bros by Jake Jeppson

  • Radio Island by Liza Birkenmeier

2015 Semifinalists
  • Br'er Cotton by Tearrance Chisholm

  • Collective Rage, A Play in Five Boops... by Jen Silverman

  • Co-Op by Matthew Stephen Smith

  • Hannah and the Dread Gazebo by Jiehae Park


2018 Relentless Award Winner

The Bandaged Place by Harrison David Rivers

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2018 Finalists
  • The 626 Project by Lisa Sanaye Dring

  • The Girl is Chained by Genne Murphy

2018 Semifinalists​
  • The Absentee by Julia Doolittle

  • cullud wattah by Erika Dickerson-Despenza

  • The End of a Sound by Ann Gillespie

  • littleghost by Liza Birkenmeier

  • Our Dear Dead Drug Lord by Alexis Scheer

  • suspension by Kristiana Colón

  • With Great Difficulty Alice Sits by Hannah Kenah

2018 Honorable Mentions
  • american (tele)visions by Victor I. Cazares

  • Biting Hands by Laura Winters

  • But When I Started to Play! by Max Baker

  • Immortality Crisis by Alexander Pine

  • Montag by Kate Tarker

  • PSYCHOPSYCHOTIC, or, everyone at yale is a goddamn sociopath!!! by Alexa Derman

  • Cave Canem by A. Emmanuel Leadon

  • TJ Love Sally 4 Ever by James Ijames

  • We Are Radios by Chana Porter

  • WOLFCRUSH (a queer werewolf play in three acts) by Haygen-Brice Walker


2016 Relentless Award Winner

Is God Is by Aleshea Harris

2016 Finalists
  • Recent Alien Abductions by Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas

  • The Treasurer by Max Posner

2016 Semifinalists
  • The Art of Gaman by Dipika Guha

  • Laura and the Sea by Kate Tarker

  • Ready Steady Yeti Go by David Jacobi

  • Tom & Eliza by Celine Song

  • White History by Dave Harris

2016 Honorable Mentions
  • Advance Man by Abe Koogler

  • Bhuta Kala by Nathaniel Shapiro

  • Charleses by Carl Holder

  • Between Misery and the Sun by Mady Schutzman

  • Brunch by Maya Macdonald

  • Evanston Salt Costs Climbing by Will Arbery

  • Great White by Deborah Yarchun

  • If Pretty Hurts Ugly Must Be a Muhfucka by Tori Sampson

  • Kin Folk by William Glick

  • NC-17 by Rodney Hicks

  • Spare Rib by Winter Miller

  • That Poor Girl and How He Killed Her by Jen Silverman

  • Trees in their Youth by Dominic Finochiarro

  • Viv is for Vengeance by Lindsey Hope Pearlman