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“New voices must have
support with no constraints.
We actively seek work that
fits no categories. New artists must have room to breathe, to experiment, to fail. We support imaginative theater the only way we know how: by actively seeking work that is awkward, in your face, stretching the boundaries—in a word, NEW.”
 —ERIC BOGOSIAN,The Relentless Award Selection Committee

The American Playwriting Foundation is dedicated to supporting playwrights both financially and artistically in an economic climate where it's almost impossible for playwrights to support themselves by just writing plays. The Relentless Award, as the largest cash prize for a new play in American theater, is designed to allow a playwright to do just that; be free to only be a playwright for a year. And The Relentless Reading Series gives our selected playwright another opportunity that has become increasingly rare in American theater today—exposure to a national audience.

Please help us continue with our mission of supporting new plays and playwrights.

Note: we are a tax-exempt private foundation.

To donate, you will be redirected to the Building for the Arts website, as the American Playwriting Foundation is now a part of this larger organization.

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